Terran Shift Media: Novels



Genre: Science Fiction / Suspense
Paperback: 268 pagesPaperback ISBN: 978-1-936489-02-2
Ebook: about 76,000 wordsEbook ISBN: 978-1-936489-03-9

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In the near future, the Internet experience becomes much more immersive, graphically presenting all information in avatar-driven virtual cities.

Neil Roberts, a computer programmer for the largest security software provider on the planet, breaks his normal routine when he stops in a bar and witnesses a murder. His once boring life changes drastically when, through a twist of fate and a realization that his life has no purpose beyond his job, he leaves the scene of the crime and becomes a prime suspect.

Neil's life then shifts from protecting people and companies to becoming that which he most despised... a hacker.

Content Advisory

This novel contains violence, some sexual content, and strong language (if it was a movie, I'd give it an R rating)