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Er... whoops! This world is still being constructed!

About the World of Palamar

We haven't created this site yet, but here is some background information on the World of Palamar:

The original design for the World of Palamar was started as the "World of Palmo" back when Jamie was in sixth grade (around 1988). He and a friend were both playing a lot of Dungeons and Dragons, and they worked together to turn all of their notes into their own gaming world. Why draw maps and create countrysides, people, events, and such and not hang onto all that great planning? They were enthralled with the scope of the Dragonlance series' world, Krynn, and wanted to create something that was their own that they could use to build adventures in for their other friends. Their brainstorming eventually led to the initial version of Palmo, which Jamie then transformed over the years into Palamar. There's actually very little of the world as it exists today that is in common with the original design. But Jamie still feels his old friend Courtney belongs in the credits of the World of Palamar, if only as a thank-you note for original inspiration.

Over the years, Palamar evolved. It started as a lone continent with a screwy ecological system. Then Jamie needed a world to set Dungeons and Dragons adventures in while attending college and decided to use Palamar. As he wrote adventures, he designed the countryside, the people, the history. When he attempted to write his first role playing computer game in 1994, he set it in a small valley that he called the Valley of Harra. He later turned this valley into a landmark on the other side of the planet, a new massive continent called The Wild Lands. While in college, Jamie expanded on the world even more as he hosted several campaigns and continually created cities and situations throughout the game world.

Palamar as it exists today is a fantasy world with over 10,000 years of history charted out. In time, most of that information will be put on this site. But for now, I just wanted to get this page up as an introduction to the world.


We are still creating the stories in this world. Jamie and Paul have both written several short stories each, and will begin work on compiling an anthology at some point over the next few years. Jamie is currently writing the first draft of a 9-book epic fantasy series set in this world. As of May 2014, he's writing book 6.

To date, the following stories have been released:

Scribings, Vol 1
Contains Jeb's Lament and Banashan's Resort, both by Jamie Alan Belanger
Scribings, Vol 2: Lost Civilizations
Contains Captive Audience by Jamie Alan Belanger
Scribings, Vol 4: Miscreations
Contains Dappil Goes To Hell by Jamie Alan Belanger