Luggage DOOM
Where we lose your luggage... and sometimes your shotgun
Price: Beer
Latest Version:  1.43
Release Date:  Sep 2, 2008

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DOOM. id Software's original masterpiece. Quite possibly the most played game around here (and that's saying a lot... we were addicted to EverQuest for years!)

We still love DOOM. We still play DOOM. So when we saw an open source project called Legacy DOOM spring to life, we grabbed it and started playing. And once we started playing, we saw an opportunity to dive into the code and "fix" some things that we always thought should work another way...


Luggage DOOM - TODO List

The following is a list of known issues and other items we hope to add to the game at some future point:

  1. Point blank attacks should do max damage
  2. Adjust accuracy
  3. Spawn generator - abort if something is in that spot (it currently clears spot then spawns)
  4. OpenGL - blood splatter doesn't look right
  5. Arch-vile rez sometimes causes mobs to be stuck inside one another
  6. If a corpse is slop, don't rez it (code in place, still contemplating whether or not to do this)
  7. Explosion splat doesn't move with door
  8. Finding many door graphic offsets wrong. Are all textures loading correctly?
  9. Vertical lookup anomaly in outside zones
  10. Is sky texture offset correct?
  11. Behind cover, increase difficulty to hit
  12. Skull spitter sometimes spits them straight down, maybe a height problem?
  13. Weird sound bug when firing, sound disappears or is truncated. (pertains to direct sound and occurs with shotgun and chaingun)

Legal stuff:
Luggage DOOM is a mod to the original game(s). You have to buy a copy of DOOM to use this, or download the limited Shareware WAD file from the Download tab. Buying DOOM will be interesting, but should be possible... What you want is called DOOM Collector's Edition and there are used copies on if you click here

DOOM is owned by id Software


The following changes have been made since the initial release of Luggage DOOM:

Version 1.43 (September 2, 2008)

DOOM Engine Changes:

3-12-06 upd- recompiled with FMOD 3.75 and Zlib 1.2.3 includes

7-20-05 fix- blood splats no longer cross/trigger linedefs

7-17-05 fix- raising floor to shortest lower texture did not work correctly
		it would not factor in vertical offset

7-09-05 fix- blood splats no longer teleport
		chg- increase max skulls from 20 to 40 some levels begin with 30 or so skulls

6-17-05	fix- vile rez was set to line of site (you to corpse)
			if you were around a corner the rez would fail
		chg- vile rez failure will now remove the corpse in question
			rez failure would cause a rez loop until crashing
		add- 60 degree angle definition
		chg- retarded viewing angle limit from ~25 to 60 degrees

6-12-05 chg- removed blood splatter from skulls
		add- if skull spawns outside of map, kill it
		add- if vile rezzed mob ouside of map, kill it
		fix- rocket sauce code allowed continued splatting of corpses, not now

6-11-05	fix- inadvertently fixed GOD mode screen change bug
			not sure how but now it works, might have been my video card

6-10-05	fix- graphic bug on status bar after saving game

6-09-05	add- code for saucing corpses with rockets

6-05-05	chg- cheat (IDDQD)
			could die by frag, not anymore
			now gives 200% health
		chg- cheat (IDKFA)
			now gives 200% health, was giving none
			now gives backpack
		chg- damage to you
			now takes 75% from armor, until armor is gone
			and 25% from your health
		chg- damage from you
			punch	 >	was 2-20	now 6-20
			berserk	 >	was 20-200	now 60-200
			chainsaw >	was 2-20	now 6-20
			pistol	 >	was 5-15	now 6-20
			shotgun  >	was 5-15 	now 6-20	 7 targets
			shotgun+ >	was 5-15 	now 6-20	20 targets
			chaingun >	was 5-15	now 6-20
			plasma	 >	?
			BFG	 >	was 15-120	now 45-150	40 targets
		chg- pain elemental
			skull limit of 20 code was commented out, now it is in
		chg- spawn generator
			removed chance to spawn archvile
		chg- damage from enemy
			troop	 >	was 3-24	now 6-20
			sergeant >	was 4-40	now 6-20

Launcher Changes:

4-14-06	upd- had to re-recompile because some systems do not have the
			required dll. i think it is related to .NET but didn't
			care to find out, so now it is standalone. unfortunately,
			the launcher is now 2.5 times bigger.

4-13-06	upd- recompiled as release instead of debug, which was causing
			a missing dll error.

3-26-06	upd- recompiled with DirectX SDK Feb2006

3-25-06	chg- changed program icon

3-12-06 upd- recompiled with FMOD 3.75 and Zlib 1.2.3 includes

1-14-06 new- downloaded and modified launcher code
		add- LuggageDoom graphic

Licensing Info

Luggage DOOM is Beerware.
That means it's FREE to download and use as much as you want.There's no time limits, no spyware, no advertisements, none of that. If you love our program and want to help us out, you can make a donation via the PayPal link to the right.

Microsoft Windows

Download v1.43 (1.4 MB)


SDL 1.2

Download v1.43 (1.3 MB)

Original Wad Fixes

Registered wad files

These fix a number of issues in the original game wads (missing keys, graphic bugs, etc)

DOOM 2 fixes (155 kb)

Final DOOM: Plutonia fixes (439 kb)

Final DOOM: TNT fixes (928 kb)

Balls to the Wall

Registered DOOM 2

New sounds, graphics, and 7 levels for DOOM 2. This is very immature and hilarious. Contains strong language and comical nudity

Full Wad (2.7 MB)

Smaller (req install) (698 kb)

Original Levels

Any version of DOOM

These are three levels Jamie made years ago

Dream (12.6 kb)

EHS (10.3 kb)

Star Base (20.7 kb)

Shareware DOOM

Nothing, really

We are mirroring the Shareware DOOM because you need at least this to play Luggage DOOM

Full 1.9 Shareware version (2.3 MB)

Just the Shareware WAD (1.7 MB)

Source Code

Coding skills

Legacy DOOM was open source, so shall this be

Luggage DOOM (1.9 MB)

Luggage Launcher (1.5 MB)

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