Holiday Ebook Freebie And Sale

By Jamie Alan Belanger on November 22, 2013 10:00 am · 0 Comments

We’re entering into the holiday season here in the USA, with Thanksgiving coming up faster than we (or at least I) am prepared for. The Christmas season is not far behind. It seems like every day there’s another couple companies with deals and ads for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas shopping. Some places are starting sales a day early, or a week early. But every sale I’ve seen involves standing in long lines, waiting overnight, hoping to get one item that is in limited supply. I feel overwhelmed just thinking of that, of having to rush and wait and fight to get a deal.

We wanted to do something a little different.

In June, I posted about Paul’s science fiction saga The Sol-Bect War (Highlight on the Sol-Bect War Saga). Since then, we have passed a few more milestones with this series, including selling more than 100 copies of the Part 1 ebook.  As popular as this series is becoming, we would love to see even more people enjoying these books.

The first part of our Holiday season deal is for The Sol-Bect War, Part 1. If you use the coupon code below, you can get it from Smashwords for FREE. Ebooks have unlimited supply, but this deal won’t last forever. Grab your free ebook before the end of the month. It’ll give you something fun to read on your phone while you’re standing in all those shopping lines. And the coupon codes for the rest of the saga will last until the end of the year, giving you time to read the first ebook.

Have a Kindle? No worries, Smashwords has mobi ebook files and provides instructions for loading them onto your Kindle here:

Edited Dec 2, 2013:  Ack! If you are just now seeing this post, you missed the freebie! But we made a coupon for Part 1 so you can still get a deal on it. 33% off every book in the Sol-Bect War Saga until the end of the year.


The Sol-Bect War, Part 1 ebook at SmashwordsOnly at Smashwords

33% off until December 31, 2013

Use code HH29A during checkout


But wait, there’s more.

There are three more books associated with this saga, and we’re going to give you Smashwords discount coupons for all three. Each of these books is 33% off with the coupon codes below. That’s a final price of only $2 each. These codes are only good at the Smashwords store, and will expire at the end of the year.


The Sol-Bect War, Part 2 ebook at SmashwordsOnly at Smashwords

33% off until December 31, 2013

Use code ML57P during checkout



The Sol-Bect War, Part 3 ebook at SmashwordsOnly at Smashwords

33% off until December 31, 2013

Use code PF88S during checkout


The lost chapter from Part 2, The Sol-Bect Setup, is only available in The Terran Shift Anthology, Vol 1. Grabbing a copy of this will also get you in the mood for Vol 2 of our universe’s anthology, coming at the end of the year. Expect a little more teasing on that in the next couple of weeks!

The Terran Shift Anthology, Vol 1 ebook at SmashwordsOnly at Smashwords

33% off until December 31, 2013

Use code MZ26D during checkout



Please share these codes with anyone you know who would be interested in grabbing their free Sol-Bect War, Part 1 ebook. Happy holidays.   🙂

Jamie and Paul Belanger
Lost Luggage Studios

Highlight on The Sol-Bect War Saga

By Jamie Alan Belanger on June 24, 2013 5:00 pm · 1 Comments

Several years ago, Paul wrote a science fiction book called The Sol-Bect War. It started as a sort of made-up dream he played in his head while trying to fall asleep. It ended up being the most popular product we’ve released to date. Today, on Paul’s birthday, I wanted to take a few moments to talk about this science fiction saga.

If you have not read these books, here’s a quick synopsis of the first book:

Humanity is near the tail end of an intergalactic war with an alien race called the Bect — a war we are losing. The only thing we have in shorter supply than combat pilots is hope.

After a rough skirmish, a strange object is picked up by the United Earth carrier Ticonderoga. Within the object, the ship’s scientists find something even stranger: a man, cryogenically frozen and shot into space more than 300 years ago. The fact that he’s still technically alive raises questions of Fate’s hand in life and war.


Some Historical Tidbits

The Sol-Bect War’s first draft was a monster at around 160,000 words. I had the privilege of being one of the first readers. At one point, I suggested splitting the book into two parts, because of the length. Paul split the book, then rejoined it, and later split it again. And then he started writing a sequel that takes place a few years after the conclusion of the second part. These manuscripts eventually became The Sol-Bect War Saga, which is now published in four volumes:

The Sol-Bect War Saga

While editing the second part of the saga, I suggested removing an entire scene where Peter McCabe goes back into the past to set up his future. Initial drafts of that scene were not very exciting and were slowing down the pace of the novel. Still, it’s an important scene, and one that needed to be released at some point. But the second part was already pushing 100,000 words on its own, and at that point in the story I just wanted to get to the war! So I felt it was best to remove the whole scene and insert an abbreviated transition to get the story moving along. Paul agreed.

Paul later revised that scene into The Sol-Bect Setup, which is a lot more exciting. We published that as the anchor story in the Terran Shift Anthology last November, along with six other stories all set in the four eras of the Terran Shift universe.


Some Interesting Facts

While thinking about these books and looking through company sales records and notes, I picked out some facts that I felt were quite interesting:

  • Including the revised Sol-Bect Setup story in the Terran Shift Anthology, the Sol-Bect War saga consists of almost 290,000 words.
  • The Sol-Bect War, Part 1 is our best-selling book, having sold 81 copies so far.
  • All four books above, combined, have sold 175 copies.
  • Of those 175 copies, 131 were sold in the Kindle stores and 5 were paperbacks.
  • Most people who purchase Part 1 also purchase Part 2 at the same time. Since the release of Part 3, we’ve seen several instances of people purchasing all three parts in the same transaction.
  • We have sold copies of The Sol-Bect War books all over the world: USA, Canada, India, Germany, the UK, and Australia.


Go To War

Follow Peter McCabe into battle in The Sol-Bect War saga. All four ebooks are $2.99 each at all major ebook retailers. The three novels are also available in paperback at Amazon and CreateSpace. Links to all stores are on the book pages (click the book cover images above).

Or start reading a sample from first book right now: The Sol-Bect War, Part 1 sample (PDF)


Scribings, Vol 3: Metamorphosis is now available!

By Jamie Alan Belanger on June 18, 2013 9:52 am · 0 Comments
Scribings 3 cover

This morning we published Scribings, Vol 3: Metamorphosis. This book is special for a lot of reasons. It’s a great collection of six stories from the six current members of the Greater Portland Scribists, one of the writing groups of which I am a member. But it’s also the third volume of our Scribings anthologies, which means we have managed to publish an anthology every June since we formed. The authors and members of the group change over time, as all things do. Some members have been taking an indefinite break; some are just taking a break to finish a novel. But as a group we are growing. As writers we are growing. And we sincerely hope you see that in this volume. From the self-inflicted physical changes of a glory seeker to a man who is forced to learn how to live all over again, this volume is all about changes.

But there’s another reason for Paul and I to celebrate this release:

Scribings, Vol 3: Metamorphosis is our company’s tenth book release. When we started publishing in 2010, we knew we had a lot of books in us. Releasing a tenth title is a heck of a milestone, and one we are very proud of. We’d love it if you’d check out this latest release. As always with our anthologies, I made a PDF sample that gives you a short excerpt of each of these stories:


Third-Person Hero by Jamie Alan Belanger
An arrogant youth has one last chance for fame. Will cheating bring the success she desires?

Last Defender by Shelli-Jo Pelletier
After centuries of forced servitude, the last living gargoyle must decide if he will still uphold his kind’s sacred duty to protect.

Disruption by D.L. Harvey
After ingesting a toxin, Braven’s life is disrupted. Will an accidental romance and a foreign planet get him back to where he was?

Otherkin by Steven Inman
Marcie saw life as sink or swim, but her new friend led her to depths she didn’t imagine.

Four Degrees by Timothy Lynch
The straw that broke the planet’s back.

‘Rose in Dreams by Richard Veysey
A boy discovers great power in a realm beyond dreams… and is ensnared in a nightmare from which he may not wake.


The PDF sample

The ebook is currently available at Smashwords and the Amazon Kindle Store. Other ebook stores will carry it in the coming two weeks or so.

We are also making a paperback of this volume, which should be ready later this month.

Kobo Store and Lost Luggage Studios Publishing

By Jamie Alan Belanger on June 1, 2013 11:24 am · 0 Comments

I just wanted to write a quick note about the Kobo Ebook Store with regards to the titles published by our company. While doing my normal monthly checkup to make sure our ebook links are actually functional, I found that ALL of the links to the Kobo store were broken.

I think what happened is that Smashwords sent our new pretty EPUB files to Kobo, and Kobo created entirely new book entries for them. If you are looking for one of our ebooks in the Kobo store, rest assured that they are all there, including the newly released Terran Shift Anthology, Vol 1.

I don’t know how this affects customers who had purchased the previous releases. They have the same ISBN numbers, so there should not be any issues. Please let us know if you find a broken link to Kobo or if you have any trouble getting the updated EPUB on your Kobo reader at and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Terran Shift Anthology, Vol 1 now at Smashwords

By Jamie Alan Belanger on May 17, 2013 3:32 pm · 0 Comments

Last year we put together an anthology ebook of stories set exclusively in our Terran Shift universe. The result is a collection of seven stories from five authors, spanning from the high-tech cyberpunk dystopia of the Bio-Tech Era to the Sol-Bect War Era.

When we originally released this ebook, we decided to make it an Amazon Kindle exclusive, because we wanted to see firsthand what that would do for (or against) the book. Now that that period of exclusivity has expired, we decided to make the ebook available to other stores. I have uploaded the ebook to Smashwords, and it will be sent to all the other stores that Smashwords syndicates to in the next few weeks.


The Berkutchi Trial by Alan Belanger
An American spy in Kazahkstan accidentally breaks local law and must win a berkutchi trial to get out alive.

Things Taken by Cynthia Ravinski
Only when you’ve put everything you have into obtaining your hopes and dreams do you find what you’ve really been after.

Handbook For A Better Society by Jamie Alan Belanger
A misguided man bases his utopia on a satirical novel.

The Unders by Timothy Lynch
The Landers and Unders are at war. The Landers just don’t know it yet.

Moroned by Paul J Belanger
Fortune favors the prepared. As for the unprepared, well…

Moon Sweepers by Alan Belanger
Youth on a moon base learn the dangers of regolith mining.

The Sol-Bect Setup by Paul J Belanger
In a missing chapter from The Sol-Bect War, Part 2, Peter McCabe visits the past to lay the groundwork for his future.


This ebook is currently available at Amazon Kindle Store and Smashwords

Update May 27th:  This ebook is now also available at Kobo and Diesel


I put together a comprehensive sample on our site that includes a short excerpt from each story. Read the sample.