Last Day For Smashwords End-Of-Year Sale

By Jamie Alan Belanger on January 1, 2018 10:00 am · 0 Comments

Smashwords is running an End-of-Year sale starting today. Tons of great books are on sale, including almost everything in our catalog.

Today is the last chance to grab some great freebies for your shiny new e-reader, phone, or tablet, and stock up on reading material for the new year!

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Jamie’s Writing Update for June 2014

By Jamie Alan Belanger on July 1, 2014 10:53 am · 0 Comments

Day Skipper

I’ll admit, I skipped a few days of writing this past month. The first two were understandable, as I was helping my brother and sister-in-law in New Hampshire move. The third day I skipped, however, was just a total lack of motivation. I didn’t even feel bad about it; I just didn’t write. Twice I opened a document and stared at it, then closed the program and did something else.

I’m starting to find it more and more difficult to get my 2,014 words a day. Most days I barely squeak by, writing just about the bare minimum. Still, I haven’t resorted to intentionally bad prose just to hit my word count. There’s no “he was really really really really tired” type of word count finagling. At this point, I’m just trying to finish the first draft of all 9 books in my Chronicles of Palamar series. I’ll clear half a million words written at some point in July, but I really doubt I’ll have the motivation to hit the one million mark.


How Much Did I Write?

Fewest words written:  0 (June 12, 17, and 23)
Most words written: 8,483 (June 4th)
Average words per day: 2,384
Total words written in June:    71,528
Total words this year: 477,560


What did I write?

In March, I finally started the Chronicles of Palamar, which will be a 9-book fantasy epic set in a fantasy world I’ve been designing since I was in elementary school. This past month I worked on the sixth book, and took a few breaks to knock out some other short stories.


SBW Trivia

By Paul on March 25, 2012 8:19 am · 0 Comments

While editing SBW2, I removed almost 10,000 words that seemed to slow things down. It was near the end of the story and was out of place. The surprising thing was that I easily replaced those 10,000 words with about 8,000. The missing 10,000 words will be published as a short story (The Sol-Bect Setup) in our first Terran Shift Anthology coming this year.

SBW Trivia

By Paul on March 17, 2012 11:11 am · 0 Comments

As I was writing the first draft, the main character’s name was John Bowyer. When I reached the point in the story where I introduced the current character of John Bowyer, I named him Peter McCabe. As soon as I typed the name I realized that I liked it a LOT more than John Bowyer and switched the two.

SBW Trivia

By Paul on March 12, 2012 9:04 am · 0 Comments

At some point during editing I decided to split the story because it was so huge. I ended up renaming them to something like, “The Sol-Bect War: Beginnings” & “The Sol-Bect War: Homes”. Later on I felt that it was really just one big story and put it all back together again. Then when Jamie and I decided to enter the indie publishing realm I split the story again. This time the split was to keep the cost of the paperback version more realistic.