Scribings, Vol 6: Regatherings

By Jamie Alan Belanger on December 17, 2017 2:50 pm · 0 Comments
Scribings, Vol 6: Regatherings

Scribings, Vol 6: Regatherings is now available!

For the past two years or so, the Greater Portland Scribists have been working hard on getting our latest volume of original short fiction ready for release. The day has finally come. As of this weekend, Volume 6 of our Scribings series is now available in ebook and paperback.

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Essential GPS Climbing The Amazon Free Ebook Charts

By Jamie Alan Belanger on December 11, 2015 2:02 pm · 0 Comments

Now that our Essential GPS ebook is free on Amazon, it’s been climbing the charts. We’ve been pretty excited to watch it go go go! Last night, just before a GPS group meeting, Essential GPS was sitting at just over #100 on the Genre Fiction Anthology chart. Right now it’s shot up to #47.

Go Go Go!

And, in addition to that, we also broke onto the Top 100 Free Anthology charts, and I think this just might be the first time I’ve seen one of our ebooks break the Top 10,000 on Amazon overall. Considering how many books get published there every day, this is pretty exciting.

Essential GPS is a FREE ebook, and a great sampler of stories from the Greater Portland Scribists. So grab a copy at Amazon and help push us it up the charts!

If you prefer another ebook store, Essential GPS is available almost everywhere. You can find a full list of store links at

The Scribings Omnibus Now Available For Preorders

By Jamie Alan Belanger on December 5, 2015 11:53 am · 0 Comments

For the past five years, the Greater Portland Scribists writing group has been independently publishing their fiction in annual anthologies. The Scribings Omnibus combines almost every story we’ve published. Ten of our current and previous members have contributed a total of 44 stories to this collection. From our inaugural volume to this year’s volume, Inversions, the stories contained in this Omnibus Edition span nearly every speculative fiction subgenre there is—fantasy, horror, science fiction, paranormal, and more.

The Scribings Omnibus contains stories from the following volumes:

  • Scribings, Vol 1
  • Scribings, Vol 2: Lost Civilizations *
  • Scribings, Vol 3: Metamorphosis
  • Scribings, Vol 4: Miscreations
  • Scribings, Vol 5: Inversions

* Christopher L. Weston’s story from Lost Civilizations, Ordovicia, will remain exclusive to the original ebook

I’ve uploaded the final version of the ebook pretty much everywhere, and we are set for a December 15th release. You can preorder a copy of this book today at Kindle, Smashwords, iTunes, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo using the links below:


Barnes and Noble

Essential GPS Now Available

By Jamie Alan Belanger on November 30, 2015 8:44 am · 0 Comments

Essential GPS: A Scribings Special Edition

The Greater Portland Scribists writing group first formed in July 2010 and published their first anthology the following June. Since then, they have been publishing an anthology every summer. After the publication of their fifth volume in 2015, they decided it would be fun to look back over the years and choose the best stories from each author. With the help of fans in autumn 2015, they have selected one story each from current and previous members. This collection is a great sampler of work spanning the years that we’ve been working together.

Stories contained in this volume:
  • What Time Is Our Torture Session? by Lee Patterson (from Vol 1)
  • In the Business of Rotting by Cynthia Ravinski (from Vol 1)
  • Secret Under the Sand by Jamie Alan Belanger (from Vol 2: Lost Civilizations)
  • Otherkin by Steven Inman (from Vol 3: Metamorphosis)
  • Breed by Timothy Lynch (from Vol 4: Miscreations)
  • The Joke by Richard Veysey (from Vol 4: Miscreations)
  • Sand Fleas by D.L. Harvey (from Vol 5: Inversions)
  • Wolf and Raven by Shelli-Jo Pelletier (from Vol 5: Inversions)
  • Repurposed by Matthew Stephen D. (from Vol 5: Inversions)
  • Better Alive Than Dead by Robin Hansen (an all-new story exclusive to this volume)

This volume is now available for FREE at Smashwords. It should be at other ebook retailers soon. (Note that it may show up in the Kindle store for 99 cents for a little while until I can force them to price-match Smashwords)

Essential GPS: The Stories

By Jamie Alan Belanger on November 13, 2015 4:48 pm · 0 Comments

The Essential GPS survey has concluded and I’ve analyzed the results… and made some pie charts! Who doesn’t love pie charts? Mmm… pie… Below are the winning stories from the survey. We plan to release this special edition of the Scribings series on November 30th.

Favorite Volume

This poll was the second-largest landslide in the entire survey. More people voted for Scribings, Vol 4: Miscreations than for all other volumes combined. We all have our favorite stories and volumes, but I’m still surprised at how many more votes Miscreations received. It’s always nice to know when we do something right.

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