Scribings, Vols 1 and 2 Paperback

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In June 2011, the founding members of the Greater Portland Scribists published their first anthology, a collection of speculative fiction called Scribings, Vol 1. From the birth of a new world to a high-tech afterlife, these tales explore the emotional range of life.

In June 2012, GPS published our second anthology, Scribings Vol 2: Lost Civilizations. Journey into lands long lost with stories that will take you on trips through Ancient Egypt, Viking lands, Atlantis, and even through the fabric of reality itself.

Stories from both anthologies are contained within this book, published in paperback for the first time ever.

This paperback is now available at the CreateSpace eStore, and should appear on Amazon within a few days. Happy reading!


The Scribings Omnibus Now Available For Preorders

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For the past five years, the Greater Portland Scribists writing group has been independently publishing their fiction in annual anthologies. The Scribings Omnibus combines almost every story we’ve published. Ten of our current and previous members have contributed a total of 44 stories to this collection. From our inaugural volume to this year’s volume, Inversions, the stories contained in this Omnibus Edition span nearly every speculative fiction subgenre there is—fantasy, horror, science fiction, paranormal, and more.

The Scribings Omnibus contains stories from the following volumes:

  • Scribings, Vol 1
  • Scribings, Vol 2: Lost Civilizations *
  • Scribings, Vol 3: Metamorphosis
  • Scribings, Vol 4: Miscreations
  • Scribings, Vol 5: Inversions

* Christopher L. Weston’s story from Lost Civilizations, Ordovicia, will remain exclusive to the original ebook

I’ve uploaded the final version of the ebook pretty much everywhere, and we are set for a December 15th release. You can preorder a copy of this book today at Kindle, Smashwords, iTunes, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo using the links below:


Barnes and Noble

Essential GPS: The Stories

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The Essential GPS survey has concluded and I’ve analyzed the results… and made some pie charts! Who doesn’t love pie charts? Mmm… pie… Below are the winning stories from the survey. We plan to release this special edition of the Scribings series on November 30th.

Favorite Volume

This poll was the second-largest landslide in the entire survey. More people voted for Scribings, Vol 4: Miscreations than for all other volumes combined. We all have our favorite stories and volumes, but I’m still surprised at how many more votes Miscreations received. It’s always nice to know when we do something right.

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Giveaway Postmortem – Breakdown and Advice

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Welcome! This post is primarily for other authors who are interested in giving away free copies of their books. The goal of a giveaway (or at least my hope) is that you give away a few copies, maybe get a few ratings and reviews, or at least get a bunch of people to see your book (and hopefully become interested in purchasing a copy). I’ll confess I’m not the best marketer on the planet. I’m more interested in creating a great product and don’t like spending hours or days trying to get people as excited as I am about it. Running a giveaway at Goodreads is easy, but it does cost money. The question any marketer would ask is: what kind of return do you get for the money invested? I’m going to try to answer that. At the very least, maybe someone can take the raw numbers below and provide the answers I can’t figure out. Like I said above, this post is primarily intended to inform other indie authors about these giveaways, but anyone who is curious about the financial breakdown of doing a Goodreads giveaway should read on.

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Paperbacks, ebooks, subscription reading services… Scribings, Vol 5: Inversions is everywhere!

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Scribings, Vol 5: Inversions

If you’ve been waiting for our latest anthology to show up in your favorite store, then the time has come!

I’ve updated all the links on the official¬†web page. Paperbacks at Amazon and CreateSpace. Ebooks have arrived in just about every store on the planet, including the subscription reading services Scribd and Oyster.